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“One Fine Day”

15’H x 45’L x 9"‘D $14,500

Sculpted by John Pettis

“One Fine Day” is John’s culmination of over twenty five years of experience both sculpting and casting fine art in bronze. Favorite characteristics and emotions conveyed in this particular pack train have proven to spark the memory and elicit the adventurous spirit helping to relive those tales worth telling and memories worth sharing.

“One Fine Day” 15x45x9 Click on our photos to see closer.

“One Fine Day” 9.5 x 28 x 4.5 $3,750

“Hot Spot”

9.5’H x 14’L x 4.5’ D $1,450


“Old Stompin’ Grounds”

by John Pettis $9,500

16’H x 15’L x 14’ D

Perhaps never before has the intertwined fate of a culture and an animal been so closely evident as the Native American Indian and the Bison. Long before America was settled, these abundant mammals roamed freely,as did the people who survived on their existence. For many Native American tribes hunting bison was an absolute necessity for life. Considered by many as one of God’s most sacred creatures the American bison not only fed the First Nations people, it shaped their beliefs and religious ceremonies. Here a Blackfoot Indian fights ferociously to survive the charging beast and stay upon his prized horse. The back of the sculpture depicts a type of hunting technique where herds were driven over a cliff formation. These buffalo jumps or as the Blackfoot Indians called them “pishkun”, exist across North America with the oldest dating back over 12,000 years .

“Old Stompin’ Grounds” 16x15x14


"Old Stompin’ Grounds"

The backside of the sculpture is where John sculpted a small scene of a buffalo jump, a Native American hunting technique that can be seen here in full action.

JPettisHotSpotJump2 (2).jpg



"Easy Money”

21’H x 41’L x 11’D $10,500

by John Pettis

Doc Middleton: Notorious Plains Outlaw 1851-1913

In an era when the Iron Horse had not yet crossed the Missouri River and Indians still rode free on Western plains, Doc Middleton was considered an unrivaled horse thief, bootlegging’ showman of his time! Nebraska was where Doc and his gang, The Pony Boys, could be found in hot pursuit of four legged treasures, turned into easy money. The sculpture tells Doc’s story and captures a moment of American history and the legendary cowboy in action.


“Easy Money” 21x41x11